Video of Cat Enjoying Face Massage Has Internet in Stitches – Newsweek

Video of Cat Enjoying Face Massage Has Internet in Stitches – Newsweek

After a busy Christmas you may be in need of some relaxation. So, why not take a few tips from this cat on TikTok, who seems to be thoroughly enjoying a face massage?

In the clip, which has already gone viral with more than 12.8 million views, we see a large ginger cat sitting on a carpeted floor as a hand holding a plastic massage tool reaches forwards.

The person then rubs the rotating tool either side of the pet’s face as the animal closes its eyes in pleasure and appears to smile.

The funny video, which was shared by a TikTok account called Catstagram3, is accompanied by the hashtags: #cat #catlover #catsoftiktok #cats #cat.

The clip, which can be watched here, has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on November 11, having attracted more than 869,400 likes and 37,700 shares.

Many people rushed to the comments section to give their thoughts on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, NotInMyBackyardEver, wrote: “My cat would love this.”

Another person, EdenBaker.SSO, added: “Omg [oh my god] my cat would love this [love heart emoji].”

MountainHogans asked: “What is that called, I need one for my cats?”

Tinamatulich revealed: “I think he’s in love.”

Rose ofc explained: “It made me smile to thank you!”

Asvhvr admitted that she was “gonna [going to] cry.”

Birooksun shared: “I need this for my cat.”

Godzilla_D19 commented: “That’s good,” alongside a string of laughing face emojis.

Byhurairah gushed: “The kitties will love this.”

Aside from relaxing during a face massage, another cat recently went viral in footage of the feline splashing about in a bath.

Traditionally, cats have an aversion to water, but not the little kitten who was shared to Reddit on December 5 by an account called Immaeatyourpizza.

In the clip, which has attracted more than 29,500 upvotes and near to 500 comments, we can see the little pet splashing about in a bath tub and chasing his tail—so adorable!

The video is captioned: “We adopted a kitten who’s head over heels in love with water.”

Additionally, another pampered kitty recently garnered a lot of attention online when a Malaysian businesswoman bought her pet some jewellery costing RD25,980 ($6,212.34).

The gold necklace was purchased in honor of her pet’s fourth birthday from the Habib Jewel store in Ampang.

Set on a thick chain, the heart-shaped pendent is inscribed with the animal’s name which is, rather ironically, “Money.”

A stock image of a cat’s face being cradled. On TikTok a video of a ginger cat having a face massage has gone viral.